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Traveling through the mysterious villages, old cities, friendly people, beautiful nature and impressive places.


For 20 years, Marmaris was a fishing village but today it will surprise everyone with its wide range of accommodation and entertainment, creating a bright holiday atmosphere. Today the port welcomes large luxury cruise ships. The old city district with its busy bazaars and restaurants is definitely worth a visit. Charming boutiques offer all kinds of leather goods, natural sponges, local blue glass beads (the Bontuk), kilims, carpets, sandals and embroidery, as well as the latest fashion. During the day you can make catamaran trips on the beach, parasailing, water skiing, sailing or diving! From the port you can take a boat in the morning to numerous sandy beaches such as Cleopatra's Island and the Turtle Beach. The beautiful beach of Icmeler is only 8 km away.

But Marmaris is much more than beach and going out. There are archaeological sites in the ancient city of Ephesus (the second largest city of the Roman Empire, after Rome), the lime terraces of Pamukkale, which is considered the eighth wonder of the world and many Aegean Islands where one can dive. Several diving centers organize guided diving excursions and diving lessons.


In Bodrum, the Knights of Rhodes built an impressive medieval castle that guards the entrance to the dazzling blue bay. Here the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. The charm of the city attracts a varied population of vacationers. It is lovely to stroll along the long, palm-lined waterfront, while elegant yachts float in the marina. Not far from the city you can swim in a crystal clear, azure blue sea. You can explore the many reefs, caves and majestic rock formations while diving. You will discover multicolored sponges in all shapes and sizes, octopuses and a huge variety of other aquatic life. The reputation of the Bodrum shipyard dates back to ancient times and today craftsmen still build traditional yachts: the Tirhandil with a pointed arch and stern, and the Gulets with a wide beam and a rounded stern. Especially the latter are used for excursions and pleasure trips and for the annual October Cup competition.


Fethiye is tucked away in the southern foothills of an attractive wide bay. Fethiye is a very old city with few old buildings. In 1958 a violent earthquake devastated almost everything except the tombs descended from the time that Fethiye was called Telmessos (400 BC). It is an incredibly relaxed place despite its size, which is often visited at the beginning or the end of a gulet cruise.

The inner bay of Fethiye is an excellent natural harbor, protected from storms by the island, Şövalye Adası. The much larger outer bay still has 12 islands. About 15 km to the south lies Ölüdeniz, one of the hotspots on the coast of Turkey. The Fethiye region has many interesting sights to explore, including the ghost town of Kayakoy (Karmylassos), just over the hill and Saklikent canyon.


Oludeniz is one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Turkey that adorn many travel magazines and brochures with softly rippling waves and crystal clear turquoise water that seamlessly turns into the blue sky.

At the end of the beach on the right you will find the 'Lagune', located in a national park. Since it is not visible from the open sea, the lagoon is very sheltered and has always hot water. A spectacular backdrop of mountains and pine forests provides the finishing touch and makes this place a heaven on earth.

The large resorts and hotels are limited and located on the left side of the beach over a strip of about one km. A few camp sites are also scattered across the lagoon.


Bozburun has only 2,400 inhabitants and is a quiet village blessed with beautiful bays and inlets and a heritage of ancient civilizations. Bozburun is world famous for the construction of traditional wooden two masters, lightly rigged schooners - named Gulets. During the summer season, Bozburun attracts many tourists and you will see many yachts and Gulets in the harbor. Many of our customers are fascinated by the beauty of Bozburun and come back after a year. Bozburun has a mild climate all year round, and has a beautiful and healthy environment with lots of oxygen which ensures that our customers are energetic and happy. You can stay in nice and comfortable guest houses and hotels, which are reasonably priced and meet the necessary requirements of a holiday accommodation.

It is wonderful to swim in the pristine waters of the bays and you can make beautiful pictures of breathtaking views. Bozburun literally means "bare point" in Turkish, but if you take the trouble to visit this location, there is little chance that you will find this place "bare" or that you will regret your visit.


Göcek is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and lies on the edge of the Taurus Mountains on the Lyrian coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Dalaman Airport is only 18 km away. There is a large choice of transport companies that offer a trip to Göcek. The beautiful landscape makes this trip very memorable.

With its turquoise clear sea, green pine forests and idyllic beaches, Göcek is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing and wonderful holiday. Because of its secluded bay, Göcek is a quiet and safe haven and an ideal departure and arrival point for Blue Cruises. An absolute must is a boat trip to the 12 islands which are also sometimes called a hidden paradise. The boats leave in the morning, stop in numerous bays, where you have time to swim in the crystal clear water or just to enjoy the sun and return before sunset.

Göcek offers different types of accommodation for everyone's needs, from luxurious suites to self-catering. All hotels are comfortable and make you feel like you are at home.


Antalya is the most important holiday resort in Turkey in the Mediterranean region (ancient Pamphylia) and is an attractive city with shady palm trees and a fantastic marina. In the picturesque old quarter Kaleici, narrow streets and old wooden houses meander along the old city walls. Lately, many foreigners have bought (and continue to buy) real estate in and around Antalya for their holidays or for their retirement. It became a popular area especially for German and Russian citizens.

The Antalya region offers sights of amazing natural beauty, as well as great historical remains. At 14 km northeast of Antalya you can walk behind the cascade of the Upper Düden waterfalls. An exciting experience!

On the way to Lara Beach, the Lower Düden waterfalls plunge straight into the sea. The nearby rest area offers an excellent view of the falls. The view is even more spectacular from the sea.

The Kursunlu Falls and the Nilüfer Lake, both 18 km from Antalya, are two other places with a beautiful natural beauty and a glamorous nightlife.


Datca has only 8000 inhabitants and is located on a peninsula in the middle of nature. The location is unique: to the north of the peninsula lies the Aegean Sea and in the south the Mediterranean Sea. From the peninsula you have a panoramic view of the Greek islands of Kos, Simi and Rhodes. The park has not yet been discovered by regular tourism, because there is no airport in the area. Here you can still taste the real Turkey.

The village is known for its high oxygen content in the air and low humidity. Even in the hottest summer months, a gentle breeze ensures a pleasant stay. The sea and the coastline are stunningly beautiful. In the village itself you can find a small beach and there are countless quiet little bays where you can enjoy the peace and beauty.


Dalyan is only 25 km from the airport and is a historic and beautiful place that is ideal to unwind and which is hard to leave. Dalyan is located in the southwest corner of Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Not yet affected by mass tourism, it is a real gem. The hills are full of pine trees, cotton fields adorn the surroundings and the coastline is a one long paradise.

The village lies inland on the banks of the Dalyan River and is surrounded by a unique green valley that is ideal for relaxing. However, if you want more than to enjoy in the sun, then Dalyan's rich history, mystery, nature and wonder is something for you. This traditional small fishing village is nestled on the riverside of Lake Köycegiz, close to the amazing rock tombs that were carved out of the local cliffs 2500 years ago.

The romance of the place is enhanced every morning by a fleet of cheerfully painted boats that glide across the river and transport holidaymakers to the glorious sandy beaches at the mouth of the river delta.

From Dalyan's port, the journey through the beds of cattail and pampas grass takes about 45 pleasant minutes. The entire delta is a protected national nature reserve and hosts more than 100 bird species and no less than three species of turtles, including the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta.

A popular activity is taking a mud bath on the banks of the river. The mud contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are beneficial for the skin and overall health. There are also warm natural water sources at some distance from Dalyan which are also accessible by boat.


Knidos or Cnidus is an ancient Greek city in Asia Minor, once part of the country of Caria. It lies at the far end of the long peninsula that forms the south side of the Sinus Ceramicusor Gulf of Kos. It was partly built on the mainland and partly on the island of Triopion or Cape Krio, which used to communicate with the continent by an elevated road and a bridge, and now through a narrow sandy isthmus. By means of the causeway, the channel between the island and the mainland was transformed into two harbors, the larger one of which was further enclosed by two strongly built dams that are still intact for a large part. The length of the city was a little less than a mile, and the entire intramural area is still strewn. with architectural relics. The walls, both insular and continental, can be walked over the entire circuit; and in many places, especially around the acropolis, in the north-eastern corner of the city, they have remained remarkably intact.

Greek islands


Rhodes is located between Crete and the near east in the Aegean Sea and is the largest of the Dodecanese islands. It is called the sun island or the island of light. There are hardly any days when the sun does not shine. With its subtropical climate and more than 3000 hours of sun per year, you will definitely return with a tanned skin.

The modern city of Rhodes is one of the largest municipalities on the Greek islands, with about sixty thousand permanent inhabitants. It is the most important financial and cultural center of the Southeast Aegean Sea and successfully combines a lively present with a rich historical past.

Rhodes offers visitors an abundance of tourist activities throughout the year. The island contains a natural beauty, but also contains countless monuments from a fascinating history. The inhabitants are very hospitable and there are more than enough facilities for tourists. It is therefore not surprising that Rhodes is one of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean.


Kos is an island of the Dodecanese. It is the third largest of the Greek islands of this group and the second most popular and tourist island after Rhodes. It lies between Kalymnos and Nysiros. It is very well organized and has everything in the field of tourist infrastructure.

Kos does not immediately show its charms but after a while you are amazed by all the picturesque villages and the beautiful beaches. Kos is the birthplace of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who was born on the island around 460 BC. He founded the Grand School of Medicine of Kos. The island is famous for its rich vegetation and temperate climate and was described by the Roman doctor Gallino as "the most moderate place in the world". The morphology of the soil varies and is the result of long-lasting geological changes that are mainly due to the volcanic activity of the well-known Aegean Arc (Nisiros, Thira, Milos, Methana). According to the latest geological studies, there are seven volcanoes between Nisiros and Kos.


Symi has the most beautiful port in Greece. On either side of a steep fjord, the houses are build row after row, some white, some pastel yellow, but almost all with neo-classical pediments - a reminder that 100 years ago this was one of the most prosperous islands of Greece. There has been virtually no modern concrete construction here and now these beautiful old houses are being renovated for the visitors. The spirit of the island remains intact.

Symi is divided into different areas. The most important is the port. Chorio, literally 'village', is the top city. Pedi Bay is the valley below Chorio, south of Yialos. Nimborios is the bay and settlement north of Yialos. There is a small settlement in Marathounda and an important monastery complex in Panormitis. The inland, a wooded plateau with many spectacular views, can be visited by car or bicycle on the newly renovated road from Symi to Panormitis. There are also many interesting hiking trails and guided walks can be arranged through tour operators in Yialos. Yes can also buy walking guides at the Symi visitors office.

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Bozburun - Bozburun

A beautiful route that departs from Bozburun along breathtakingly beautiful and quietly situated bays, where we pass through Dirsek Buku, Koca Island, Selimiye, Kizkumu, Aktur and Canak Bay.

Gocek - Marmaris

A beautiful route that leaves from the port of Göcek along breathtakingly beautiful and quietly situated bays. In the direction of Marmaris we pass a lot of beautiful islands and villages.

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